Attitudes for Success Run in the Family

Today I had a very special opportunity to visit one of Digital Divide Data’s computer operators, Bunthy. He was hired by DDD out of CIST, which runs an IT training program for disadvantaged youths, and given further training by DDD in order to become a successful digitization operator at the Phnom Penh office.

Bunthy’s parents, like many people of their generation in Cambodia, had to move a lot in order to stay safe during the Khmer Rouge regime. As a result they ended up with no clear place to be, and no land. After living in a slum next to Boeung Kak Lake for several years, they were forced to leave when the land was sold to a developer. Fortunately they were eventually given a cash settlement to purchase land elsewhere and start over.

Now this is where it gets interesting. Bunthy’s father is a visionary. He could see the talent in his son, and he knew that in order to get ahead, he had to support his son through finishing high school. So in spite of the hardships, he took that long term view, and allowed Bunthy to continue studying rather than leaving school early to make money for the family.

And this investment has really started to pay off. After graduating from high school, Bunthy was accepted into CIST’s training program, and after that he was hired on by DDD to be a computer operator doing digitization work. And in just a couple of weeks, with DDD’s support he’ll be attending university to study business.

What’s even more fascinating is that this cycle of education is continuing in the family. Bunthy’s sister (seen in the picture holding a young neighbor) is being supported by Bunthy to stay in school, at his insistence, rather than going away to take a factory job as his relatives have suggested. “I want her to get a job where she uses her mind” he told me, “I don’t want her working in a factory.”

Bunthy has plans to help the family finish building their home, and then to start a side business from the home, selling consumer goods. He also has an idea to make soap for sale locally. His father works in construction, and his mother works across town selling beef kabobs that she makes. This is an enterprising family with a bright future.

What was so uplifting for me in visiting Bunthy’s home was seeing the hard work, smarts, ambition, and vision that Bunthy’s whole family holds. They “get it” as to why they should keep their kids in school, and they have the core attitudes for success. Indeed this is the type of family that I aim to support in my social enterprise work.

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