Look for Next San Mateo County Presidential Visit in 2092

Was just reading an article in the local community paper about President Obama’s visit last night to Redwood City, which is about 10 minutes south of where I live. Although I wasn’t there, I heard about the event on the radio, along the lines of “all the streets are closed! avoid Redwood City!” So I learn from the San Mateo Daily Journal that this is indeed a rare visit:

Obama is the first sitting president to spend any significant time in San Mateo County since Herbert Hoover came to town back in 1932.

Let me be clear–I know this is a big country, and I don’t expect every president to visit annually. HOWEVER isn’t this interesting that it’s been EIGHTY YEARS, 8-0 years, since any US president has spent more than 15 minutes (I’m making up the number) in our county?

What does this tell me?

  • First off, Obama has been one to do things differently, and so I’m not surprised to see him be the first to visit in 80 years. Consider that his staff could have scheduled the appearance in the same-old same-old places, and didn’t.
  • The electoral college system has made California irrelevant–other than as a brief fundraising stop–in national politics. Perhaps on a related note, the political movement to do away with the electoral college and move to a direct vote for president is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.
  • This is a VERY BIG country, so big that it gets me thinking of the push back on centralized, distant, federal control that’s happened many times in human history. It may turn out to be the big thing that the “red” and “blue” leaning areas agree on, although of course nothing is ever that simple.

So folks, get your grand kids to pencil in the next visit for mid 2092. By that time the Fox Theater may be on water-front property. 🙂

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