The rise of grease

Was at Parisoma’s  Clean Tech demo night last week and was delighted that the first table I came across was the folks from Skip to Renew. They are making high quality lubricants from plants and algae. As the Sales Director Josiah explained, when you have metal on metal, you need a lubricant.

At first I was a bit skeptical on the performance aspects, and so I grilled him on that. The product they have on the market is for bike chains, Re:cyclist, and not only will it outperform what everyone considers the best product out there, but it’s also cheaper, 100% non-toxic, and it comes from plants. Cool!

They have more products in the works, including a plant-based grease that can be used in places like farm machinery or factories. Josiah said that the product smells much like vegetables–so much better than your typical grease. Personally I’m looking forward to their spray on lubricant product, so that I have a non-peteroleum alternative to WD-40.

From a business point of view, Skip to Renew has opportunities in two very different arenas, consumer and industrial. One would almost want to take the company and split it into two, and have different teams to go after each opportunity, because the sales cycle and influencers will be so very different.

Apparently the competitor that REI carries is actually a mix of vegetable oil and synthetic oil, and so isn’t 100% natural. I want a choice! Technically as a long-term member of REI, which is a co-op, I’m also part owner. We’ll see how much sway I have. 🙂 Conveniently, I will be at a bike maintenance workshop (did I say core life skill?) on Saturday at REI San Carlos.

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