There’s hidden talent in those rice fields

Given the chance, what might he be capable of?

I recently wrote about DDD Battambang which is bringing IT jobs to rural Cambodia, a place traditionally known for farming. In response to this business, one could reasonably raise a concern about the talent pool. Will the people really be there to make such a business work, and furthermore will they have had sufficient experience and education to get up to speed?

These are certainly valid questions, and they bring to mind an important but relatively unknown book about talent written by a gentleman named Elliott Jacques. In his book Human Capability, Jacques makes a point which is of great interest to social enterprise. He states that one’s talent trajectory, for instance how far ability-wise one can get as a manager, is as intrinsic as one’s eventual height. That as long as a person isn’t malnourished or abused, their leadership talent will develop as they age, whether or not they have had education or leadership opportunities.

Thus in disadvantaged areas, we can expect that there are a number of undiscovered, under-leveraged people who could be doing great work on the global business stage, if they just had the opportunity. That even though they may not have had great education or work opportunities, their innate talent lies ready and waiting for action. This is great news for social enterprise, which faces a variety of challenges in competing with a normal for-profit company. The ready availability of such a talent pool can really make a social enterprise competitive in the market place.

When I was in Cambodia, I had the pleasure of meeting several people like this, who are talented, who hadn’t had good work opportunities before DDD, and who are very happy to have the opportunity to do global work in a rural setting near their families.

I believe there is great potential for a variety of other service delivery businesses to base in rural locations. It will take dedication, problem solving, and knowledge sharing to help move these efforts forward.

btw If you’re interested in learning more about the book “Human Capability,” check out my Amazon review that describes his unique way of identifying leadership talent.

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