Back again, with much to say

It’s been a while since I wrote anything. In fact for the last few years, I even let the domain name expire. But that changed about a month ago.

I was at a baby shower where I met a young man from Japan who is here studying sustainability in design. I found him to be intelligent, well spoken, and thoughtful. Although his program has a grounding in the “sexy” elements of “green design,” he understood very quickly when I spoke up about “deep sustainability.” I was inspired by his openness to new ideas.

The more I talked, the more I realized that I’m still very passionate about deep sustainability. I have a lot to share. And also that there aren’t enough voices talking coherently on this critical topic.

Since my last post, some years ago, I’ve traveled to some interesting places, including rural Japan, and seen firsthand examples of the practices of deep sustainability. I’d like to write about that.

And incidentally, while on a flight I enjoyed a fictional Japanese movie called Survival Family about the power going out–for a long time–in all of Japan.

In fact Puerto Rico is going through this experience right now. San Francisco and the “Peninsula” are pretty close to an island if all of the bridges were to close due to a large earthquake. We could have our own Puerto Rico experience. I will be writing about that.

Although my energies are currently focused in other areas, I continue to hold passion for deep sustainability, and I look to spend more time getting hands on, and of course, writing.

If you’re reading, let me know. It’d be nice to know that there is an audience, although I’ll write either way.

2 responses to “Back again, with much to say

  1. Keep writing. Love reading about this stuff, especially from an intelligent writer passionate about sustainability!

  2. Thanks so much for the encouragement! OK I will get writing on the next article.

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